I’m Carmella Johnson

Personal Development Coach, Corporate Consultant Trainer, & Transformational Speaker

It’s Your Time to “ARISE” to the Greatness Within!

Personal Development

Personal Development – is your spring board to personal excellence. Ongoing, continuing, non-stop personal development literally assures you that there is no limit to what you can accomplish.

Brian Tracy

You are worth every minute, every dime and all the work you invest in developing yourself. You are your Greatest investment. Developing yourself will not only improve your life but it will also improve the lives of those around you.

Carmella J.

Helping You Achieve Success

Personal Development Coaching is your key to unlocking your FULL potential and Arising to the Greatness Within!

Live the life YOU desire.

Create fulfilling relationships that feed your soul

Use what was meant to break you as a tool to build you

Design the Business you have been dreaming of

ARISE Personal Development Coaching

It’s your time! Take action to live out your dreams and the extraordinary life you deserve.

ARISE Coaching Courses

ARISE to Victory After Divorce
ARISE to Victory Through Abuse
ARISE to Victory as a Single Parent
ARISE to Greatness after Abortion

Business Development Training & Seminars

Soft Skills Development
ARISE to 21st Century Leadership
Motivation for Success
Team Building
The Art & Psychology of Communication
Goal Setting for Champions

ARISE Mindset Inner Circle (AMIC)

This Membership Coaching program is specifically designed to inspire, motivate, educate an equip Business and Career Women with the Mindset and tools needed to triumph over life challenges and craft Greatness in their business, personal lives and relationships. 

Ways “WE” will work together to achieve Greatness:


Private 1-on-1 Coaching

Private Personal Development coaching is a 1-on-1 coaching program designed to meet your specific needs. Each program is laser focused and results driven to meet the demands of your life, needs, time and desired outcomes. This program is designed for those who prefer the privacy and individuality of a 1-on-1 setting verses that of group coaching where there is sharing and supporting others in the same space.

ARISE Coaching Courses

Just as in the many Psychology and Education courses I have instructed at various colleges no student was alone. The journey to education was taken with like-minded peers who wanted and needed to do the work it took to achieve their goals. The ARISE courses is a combination, of course work, a community of sisterhood, and individual Greatness Development to help you transform your life from victimhood to Victor! As you work through this program just like myself and countless others you will discover healing from Abuse, Divorce, and Abandonment as you ARISE to the Greatness you deserve in your life.

AMIC Membership

Join the Inner Circle and be a part of a community of supportive, motivated, action oriented, results driven women who all desire success enough to invest in themselves and take action to ARISE!  AMIC gives you the information, motivation and inspiration you need to create the life your heart desire and your mind imagines. The Inner Circle membership is also included in 1-on-1 coaching and ARISE Courses Coaching packages.

Business Development Training and Seminars

I specialize in helping companies and organizations “ARISE” to the Greatness Within their company.

True leaders understand the tremendous value of those they influence. Wise Human Resource Managers understand that sales and production increase as employee satisfaction and understanding grows. Astute Employers and Business owners recognize the ROI on Superior training is invaluable.

The 21st century has brought about an interesting phenomenon. Hard skills (technical, scientific, specialized, procedural, tangible) are learned in colleges and universities on every corner across the country. However, soft skills the “soft stuff” are increasingly becoming the “hard stuff” and there-in lies the grave problem in today’s workforce. Effective communication, true leadership, employee engagement, organizational commitment, critical thinking and high change-flexibility competency are but a few of the many soft skills that when absent prohibit employees from thriving and directly lead to company/organization ineffectiveness and failure.



Many companies have soft skills trainings; however, I specialize in highly effective trainings and seminars that do more than merely disseminate information. They transform thinking, cause internal understanding of the material and foster the ability to correctly apply learned information. 

Visit my speaking page to learn more about the vast array of Business Development trainings, seminars, and presentations I tailor to fit your company/organization’s specific needs.

Who I Work With?

Over the past 26+ years as a Therapist, Psychology and Education Instructor, Consultant and Coach I have literally helped thousands upon thousands of people like yourself who not only want but NEED better. Not, just better but Greater.

I work with people all over the world who are:

  • professional that are unfulfilled in their jobs helping them discover their purpose, create a clear vision, discover and connect with what is most important to them, develop a strong mindset, and move past fear to confidently create their dream life and business.
  • business women/men who wish to turn their heartbreak and setbacks into the best thing that ever happened to them.
  • business women/men and entrepreneurs who are unfulfilled in their marriage/relationship, and want to communicate effectively, increase emotional/physical intimacy and passion, end conflict, and reduce any negative impact on their business and career.
  • business women/men or entrepreneurs going through a breakup, separation or divorce. I help you “ARISE” beyond the end of the relationship regaining confidence and self-esteem, rebuild your life and reduce any negative impact on your business and career.
  • victims of sexual, physical, emotional abuse or abandonment and are ready to EMBRACE their Enough-ness, Self-Worth, Value, Confidence, Self-Esteem, Gifts, Talents, Growth and Power to ARISE from victim to Victor.

The Businesses and Organizations I work with understand they have GREATNESS Within their people and as a result they:

  • strive for a high performing culture, engaged employees and effective leaders.
  • desire to increase employee commitment, enthusiasm, and accountability in the ways that matter most.
  • work to develop leaders, managers, and teams that deliver for the business and for one another.
  • value nurturing, effective, purpose-driven, trust-based, brand-aligned and accountability-focused cultures.
  • are driven to manage complex changes in ways that make people part of the solution instead of the problem.

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Carmelia Johnson is an amazing coach and visionary. She has a way of looking inside your heart and steering you towards the best part of you. I can remember a time when I was stuck and needed a push, she was able to bring me to a place where it was comfortable for me to move and grow. Not many people can do that. It is a natural gift of hers that is clearly marinated by God. If you are looking for a coach or a trainer, you need not look any further. -Pia Maria Consulting LLC, Pia Ignites

Pia McLean

Speaker, Trainer, Coach owner of Pia Maria Consulting

The time, emotion and coaching I received from Carmella discussing the changes going on in my life after the shocking ending to my 20+ year marriage was so appreciated. She is so full of wisdom and inspiration as she explains life altering information and tools us woman can use to find our inner self, health and strength. She continues to be an example in my life as someone who CAN succeed if you believe in YOURSELF and your FAITH and learn to never depend on anyone but YOU…and always put GOD first.

Tammy Howe

I have learned so much in speaking with Carmella about my difficult journey in life. She is completely engaged in my feelings and gives me the most sound advise and encouragement I have ever had. It is nice to talk to someone who has made it her passion to help improve the emotional well being of so many. Carmella truly has a kind heart and loves to help others. I am so grateful she came into my life to help me have closure and understand so many psychological reasons for others and my actions. She is such a positive coach that can help anyone gain the skills they need to succeed in life. I have been able to overcome some of my anxieties and understand why I have emotional scars with her help. Thank you Carmella!

Heather Hardin

When it comes to coaching/consulting there are loads of commentators that talk a good game, but Carmella is a make it happen instructor. Arise to your greatness has enabled me, coached me and given me the confidence to share my testimony of arising from my valley and helped me to mount up with wings as an eagle. It is caring, result in oriented professionals like Carmella that help set you on an upward climb.

Vi Need-Jackman

Author, Speaker, Coach CEO of Vi Nedd Consulting Corp

Carmella is like an Oracle…. She see’s things in yo that you do not see in yourself and then she reshapes your mind to help you achieve your limitless potential.

Dr. Roy Evans

Professional Body Builder

Online Coaching Resources

Complimentary Resources

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The Carmella Johnson Advantage.

As your coach with a therapeutic background I know that the mind is the key to your success and that out of the heart comes the issues of life. Even a great strategy and well laid plan can’t have lasting success without the right mindset to implement it and a healed heart to maintain it.

Unlike other coaching programs, ‘ARISE” Coaching goes beyond simply identifying your problem, clarifying your situation, being solely focused on the present and setting goals for the future. As a therapist and coach with over 2 decades of experience in helping others as well as myself “ARISE” beyond and thrive through significant challenges I need to tell you, “YES you can have your cake and eat it too!” With “ARISE” Coaching you have the best of coaching and therapy helping you make the life, soul, business and relationship altering changes you need to “LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE”!

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start ARISING to Your Greatness Today!

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