Carmella Johnson

Personal Development Coach, Corporate Trainer, Transformational Speaker

Right NOW is YOUR time!

Too often we feel our scares make us ugly and undesirable, but the truth is your scares make you beautiful and needed. Greatness is forged in the fire of struggle, of challenge. It’s Your time to Arise to the Greatness Within.

Carmella’s Story

Carmella Johnson is a Personal and Business Development Coach, Corporate Trainer, Transformational Speaker and member of the Les Brown Unlimited Team. The ingenious Carmella has been a leading-edge Mental Health and Marriage and Family Therapist, College Instructor of Psychology and Education, Entrepreneur and Business Consultant for 26 years. This astute business woman owns 3 businesses: Carmella Johnson Consulting, “Excelling Beyond the Game” EBG a scholar-athlete development program that specializes in equipping youth with the life-skills and motivation needed to excel in the twenty-first century and “Grande Vino”: a wine tasting and education company.

This dynamic transformational speaker has a unique way of simplifying difficult situation and concepts for her clients. In both the Personal Development and Business arenas, she provides a different perspective as she examines the predicaments of her clients while helping them discover the core hindrances to their success. She then assists them in mapping out a strategic plan and supports them through the execution of the plan. Fundamentally, she takes her clients through a cognitive and behavioral transformation which results in life-changing results.

Whether speaking to hundreds or a single individual, she galvanizes each one to tap into their inner champion. Her passion, heartfelt concern and expertise allow her to connect with each individual on a personal level. Carmella moves those who hear her to identify the caustic beliefs, self- sabotaging thought patterns and negative self-talk which produces a life void of joy, abundance and growth.

My Values & Beliefs

We often feel our scares from hurt make us ugly but when used the right way the scares from hurt can create beauty that makes us have a heart for others, our challenges can be recycled to create greatness when we understand that greatness is forged in the intense heated fire of challenge. 

Before the foundations of the world we were designed by greatness to be great. We were all born with greatness in us. As we traveled on the road of life we felt the stalled engines of abandonment. We fell into the postholes of struggle and hard times. We saw the billboards that loudly glared, “YOU CAN”T” But I was born to tell you, “Now is your time and YOU can”

There comes a time in everyone’s life when we must make a choice. A choice to remain hurt, in a poverty mindset, confused, and chained to being less that what we were created to be.  Or, we can make the choice to live in the joy and peace of forgiveness, reprogram our minds to prosperity, walk in the determination of purpose and ARISE out of the depth of commonality and ARISE to the Greatness Within. 


Carmella’s challenges and at times heart breaking life experiences have produced her intense passion is to help people discover and “ARISE” to the Greatness Within. Carmella has triumphed over life-threatening bouts with Lupus and Myasthenia Gravis which at one point confined her to a wheelchair for years. Overcoming a childhood plagued with sexual and emotional abuse drove her to persist through the struggles of single parenthood while earning multiple degrees to become a Family therapist and Business Consultant and now Personal and Business Development coach.

Carmella not only survived years of sexual, physical, emotional, and financial abuse, she thrived through and after it all. She now uses her extensive knowledge and insights gained from life experiences, education, and training to assist others in developing a new mindset, over write their internal story of defeat and develop the cognitive and emotional tools to triumph over every barrier. Carmella catapults you towards the greatness of your full potential. Her embodiment of vitality serves victims of mental, physical, sexual, emotional abuse and abandonment, by providing an example of how to transition from being victims to Victors who “ARISE” to the Greatness Within.


  • 23 Years Psychology and Education Instructor
  • 18 Years Business Development Consulting
  • 13 Years as a Therapist specializing in Families, Couples, Abuse Related Issues and Teens
  • 24 Years Public and Transformational Speaking


  • ARISE to Victory After Divorce
  • ARISE to Victory After Abuse
  • ARISE to Victory as a Single Parent
  • The Art and Psychology of Communication
  • ARISE to Victory After Abortion

Don’t Wait Any longer. Start ARISING to Greatness Today!

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