Arise to being your own rescue

Are you needing or wanting others to help you change your life and achieve your dreams? If so, know that is a part of being human.

The difficulty in this need and want is that when we don’t get the help and the support it can hurt. The hurt comes in forms of feelings of abandonment, feeling unloved, or even a lesser hurt of feeling unsupported.
(Note: notice I spoke of the need first because as humans we are not made to be alone. That is why you have this instinctual need for others. Later we will discuss when this need lead to unhealthy life patterns, beliefs, and behaviors.)
The #1 mistake we make in expressing this need is placing the responsibility on others to know what, when, how, and other important info about what we need help with when going after a change or our dreams. The #2 mistake we make is thinking the people we want help from have the ability to help. (ability is a major determining factor let’s be sure to sink our teeth into that later.)
When we ARISE to being our own rescue we address these 2 mistakes that hinder our help and support. Listen to the video 2 times. The first time listen to get the information and experience the story. The 2nd time listen to learn, place yourself in the situation, and to see how you can apply the information to change your life.

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