How Self-esteem and Self Care Work Together

How Self-esteem and Self Care Work Together If you were at the park and a woman carrying an authentic Luis Vuitton purse that was filthy, over stuffed with junk tossed her purse on the ground in dirt and grass what would you think to yourself? Would you think to...

Don’t Quit on Yourself

Don’t Quit on Yourself I have a question for you. When you got out of the bed this morning and walked to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee did you stop walking? If you had stopped walking, would you have had your coffee? No, even something as simple as walking to the...

Arise to being your own rescue

Arise to being your own rescue Are you needing or wanting others to help you change your life and achieve your dreams? If so, know that is a part of being human. The difficulty in this need and want is that when we don’t get the help and the support it can hurt. The...

What are 2 things money should do for you

What are 2 things money should do for you Relationship, a give and take. One side does for the other and vise versa. What if I asked you, “How is your Relationship with money?” Would it shock to you to really come to terms with the fact you actually have a...


Carmella’s challenges and at times heart breaking life experiences have produced her intense passion is to help people discover and “ARISE” to the Greatness Within. Carmella has triumphed over life-threatening bouts with Lupus and Myasthenia Gravis which at one point confined her to a wheelchair for years. Overcoming a childhood plagued with sexual and emotional abuse drove her to persist through the struggles of single parenthood while earning multiple degrees to become a Family therapist and Business Consultant and now Personal and Business Development coach. Carmella not only survived years of sexual, physical, emotional, and financial abuse, she but she thrived through and after it all. She now uses her extensive knowledge and insights gained from life experiences, education, and training to assist people in developing a new mindset, over write their internal story of defeat and develop the cognitive and emotional tools to triumph over every barrier while reaching their full potential. Carmella’s embodiment of vitality serves victims of mental, physical, sexual, emotional abuse and abandonment, by providing an example of how to transition from being victims to Victors who ARISE to the Greatness Within.

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Personal Development (PD) is a term that is widely used today but have you ever wondered what the true definition of the term is? Well, let me define it for you. Personal Development is the process/journey by which an individual grows, matures, and advances cognitively, emotionally, and perceptually toward self-awareness and their greatest potential. John Maxwell said, “Show me a successful person and I will show you someone serious about Personal Development.” Success is not merely defined as heaving financial wealth it is walking in abundance in our relationships, our mind, our heart and every area of our lives. 10 Important ways Personal Development will change your life

1. Forces you out of your comfort zone into your prosperity zone

2. Reveals and develops your strengthens

3. Boosts self-worth and confidence

4. Helps you discover who you are increasing self-awareness

5. Helps you develop a sense of direction

6. Helps you improve and build fulfilling relationships

7. Increases motivation and persistence

8. Builds greater resilience

9. Improves your relationships

10. Experience a richer and rewarding life

Here are 10 important ways Personal Development will change your life.

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