Don’t Quit on Yourself

I have a question for you. When you got out of the bed this morning and walked to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee did you stop walking?
If you had stopped walking, would you have had your coffee? No, even something as simple as walking to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee can’t be achieved if you quit. (Now, I do realize you can run to Starbucks, but I am pretty sure you get my point.)

So, I have another question for you to consider. When you are working to accomplish anything will you achieve your goal if you stop? We have goals, dreams and even simple things we want to do but do we truly consider the results of stopping? I forget who the quote is by because it is so widely used, “Winner NEVER quit and quitters NEVER win”! There are several reasons we quit on ourselves. (We will discuss some of these in another video).

Notice I said we quit on ourselves. See it’s not that we quit on others when we stop striving to achieve our goals and dreams. We quit on ourselves. This creates an effect that is not often considered. Each time we start working towards a goal and quit subconsciously we are training our mind and that soul that we cannot depend on our self.

Is this truly want you want to teach yourself about yourself?

Watch the video and see what happens when you want to quit on yourself.
It’s time to ARISE to Persistence!

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