How Self-esteem and Self Care Work Together

If you were at the park and a woman carrying an authentic Luis Vuitton purse that was filthy, over stuffed with junk tossed her purse on the ground in dirt and grass what would you think to yourself?

Would you think to yourself, “I would never treat my purse like that?” Would you think the purse must not be of any value to her? Your thoughts may not be these exact words but they are probably close. Most of us would think this.

After all, when we care about something or someone we handle it with care. We take care of it. Hmmmmm, sooooo let me ask you another question. When you see a woman who does not take care of herself, hygiene, hair, clothing that is not dirt, and unkept what are some of the thoughts that go through your mind?

Now, let’s consider how we value ourselves when we do not practice Self-Care our appearance? Hard as it may be to admit, there is some level of devaluation (decrease of Self-Esteem) we are placing on ourselves. Now, we may not go to the extreme of being dirty and not combing our hair, however if we do not keep ourselves the way we would treat that $3500 (+) Luis or those $750 Christian Louboutin Red Bottoms we have in some way and often time sub-consciously devalued ourselves.

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