What are 2 things money should do for you

Relationship, a give and take. One side does for the other and vise versa. What if I asked you, “How is your Relationship with money?”
Would it shock to you to really come to terms with the fact you actually have a relationship with money? Now, let’s go a little deeper. “Do you have a functional or dysfunctional relationship with money?” It may be a little difficult to answer this question truthfully without knowing the 2 things money should do for you.

From childhood we taught to get a job or own a business to make money. As children we even dream about what we will be when we “grow up”, but how many times are we taught what money should do? Are we taught how to have a good relationship with money? What does a good relationship with money look like? How should we treat it and how should it treat us? If you are like me you did not hear about this type of relationship. This is ironic because our relationship with money is one of the most powerful and influential relationships we will have. Let’s watch the video to learn about our relationship with money ad the 2 things money should do for us.

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